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The Departmental On Line Accounting and Reporting System (DOLARS) administers as the Departments primary accounting and payment system. Also known as the Financial Management Information System (FMIS), it mainly deals with financial transactions and creating reports based on those transactions.

Through links between the DEFCARE System and DOLARS, MRCC uses a dedicated supplier data base to effect payments on behalf of expenses incurred by MRCC claimants. Payments are made to either suppliers of services or reimbursement to claimants.

Chapter 9 of the Defcare User Manual give more detail on the DEFCARE/DOLARS link including procedural instructions and information, dealing with unusual types of payments and returned payment arrangements.

If problems arise and cannot be resolved with the user manual, the MRCC Systems Support in National Office or your state DOLARS coordinator can help.

If the problem still cannot be resolved then contact the National Office DOLARS help desk on (02) 6289 6357, by fax (02) 6289 4734 or email the DOLARS team at NAT DOLARS Help Desk.