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50.4 Permanent Impairment Calculator


Use of the Permanent Impairment Calculator (PIC) is also mandatory for all permanent impairment assessments including those that clearly will not attract entitlement. The assessment of all PI applications via the PIC will ensure the consistent application of MRCC policy and provide much more detailed information for analysis of PI claims and decisions.

Benefits of the PIC include:

  • consistent and legislatively compliant decision making through expert rules and commentary (incidentally the use of the PIC has already identified the incorrect application of the 'Clarke' decisions in several sites)
  • provide assistance to delegates in legislative decision making processes
  • assistance to less experienced delegates ensuring that all appropriate issues are addressed during the investigation process
  • a great deal more detailed information available for analysis for actuarial and policy development purposes and in identifying and predicting the impact of possible legislative or policy changes
  • clear documented records of outcomes obtained through use of the PIC

Staff encountering difficulties in the use of the PIC should report through their local DUG.