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40.1.4 Submission of Defence Requested Priority - New Claim

Defence Responsibility – new claim

Claims may be mailed to DVA or taken to a DVA office or hand delivered through the On Base Advisory Service (OBAS).  In all cases it must be clear the claim is a Defence Priority. Attached to the claim must be a covering notification from Defence, signed by the relevant DGPERS, highlighting the priority and the reasons as listed above.  To enable DVA to treat the claim with the required urgency, the claim will be accompanied by the Request For Priority Processing form and the following documentation:

  • A completed and signed claim form;
  • A completed and signed separate injury or disease details sheet with information provided by the member's medical officer;
  • An electronic copy (where possible) of all medical documentation relevant to the claimed condition/s, including entry medical examination record, outpatient clinical record notes, specialist reports, imaging reports, periodical medical board reports etc;
  • Proof of Identity documents;
  • An electronic copy (where possible) of Service History;
  • An electronic copy (where possible) of any relevant OHS incident report;
  • Witness statements (if required).
DVA Responsibility – new claim

DVA will manage the claim in line with priority protocols as outlined above. As with all claims coming into DVA, they will be screened for validity (e.g. DVA claim form signed, POI satisfied) and ensure that all necessary supporting documentation is with the claim.  If any documents are missing, a request will be made to obtain them as soon as possible.  DVA may make contact with the member directly or through the OBAS or their Advocate where one has been identified to ensure minimum delays for receipt of all supporting documentation.  A copy of the Defence form (Request for Priority Processing) is to be copied and saved into the clients UIN container in HP Content Manager (where other Defence documents are saved by the DVA SAM team).

The processing system is to be noted correctly to provide a systems record that the claim is a Defence requested priority by ticking the correct priority identifier as the claim is registered in R&C ISH.  In addition to this, a note is to be put into VIEW under 'Important Information' advising that Defence have the client's authority to discuss their claim.  This enables all R&C, Client Contact Support (CCS) and VAN staff to be able to identify this information quickly and easily.