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12.1 Military Compensation and Rehabilitation Instructions (MCRIs)


Because of the often unique nature of compensation claims arising from service in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), it has been necessary over many years for the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission (MRCC) to develop its own policies and procedures regarding the manner in which compensation claims by ADF members (and former members) are to be considered and determined.

Following the introduction of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 on
1 December 1988, what is now the MRCC began issuing what were then known as Defence Compensation Advices (DCAs). The use of the term 'Advices' caused some difficulties since it was taken by some MRCC compensation Delegates to indicate that it was not mandatory for Delegates to follow the procedures and policies detailed in the DCAs. The result was an obvious inconsistency in application of policies and procedures.

In 1995, to try to overcome this problem, the MRCC began issuing Defence Compensation Instructions (DCIs). When this practice began, clear advice was provided to MRCC staff that the policies and procedures detailed in DCIs were binding and that they must therefore be followed in all relevant cases.

With the move of the MRCC from the Department of Defence to the Department of Veterans' Affairs in December 1999, it was clearly inappropriate to continue to issue DCIs. Since that time, further or amended policies and procedures have been issued by MRCC National Office as Military Compensation and Rehabilitation Instructions (MCRIs). In the great majority of cases, new policies and procedures are developed over a period of time and often in consultation with other interested parties such as the Compensation Policy Section of the Department of Defence and, in some cases, with Comcare Australia and the MRCC's legal advisers. With the introduction of the MRCC and the transfer of responsibility for all SRC Act claims to DVA from 1 July 2004 all existing DCAs DCIs and MCRIs became superseded.

The information contained in this and other MRCC handbooks is the policy of the MRCC and should be followed at all times. Where a matter is not covered in these handbooks reference should be made to the DCAs DCIs and MCRIs that were in existence as at 30 June 2004. The matter should also be referred to National Office for inclusion in these handbooks or the issuing of another instruction, as appropriate.

12.1 Index of MCRI's

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