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Victoria Cross Allowance


Legislative Authority

Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986
Section 103


Stated Current Purpose/Intent

Victoria Cross Allowance is an historic reward for valour.


Current Eligibility Criteria

Victoria Cross recipients are entitled to receive an annual Victoria Cross allowance. The veteran may also be receiving an allowance or annuity from a foreign government for a similar award during the same period.

A bar to the Victoria Cross does not qualify the holder for an additional payment.



  1. The Victoria Cross Allowance is paid in addition to any decoration allowance payable.
  2. The allowance may be paid as a lump sum.  No part of this lump sum is recoverable on the death of the veteran.
  3. Victoria Cross recipients and their partners are entitled each year to 25 return air trips within Australia for non-commercial purposes.


Date of Introduction



Original Purpose/Intent

The original intention has not changed.


Significant Changes in Criteria or Purpose Since Introduction


The allowance was increased from $250 per year to $2,700 per year, in line with a similar increase granted by the British Government.  This increase was retrospectively effective from 17 August 1995 (the date of the announcement made by British Prime Minister Major).


Allowance increased to $2,808 on introduction of the GST.


Inclusion of Victoria Cross of Australia.


Allowance indexed in line with CPI increases.


Amendment to allow recipients to also receive annuity from a foreign government. This foreign allowance will not be counted as income under the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 or Social Security Act 1991 effective from 17 November 2010.