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8.2 Review of Decisions (see 8.2 of the Instruments)

Where an application for benefit has been declined, reasons for that decision shall be provided, in writing, to the applicant.

Where a student or a student's parent, guardian or trustee is dissatisfied with a decision of the Commission or of a Board, that student, parent, guardian or trustee may make an application to the Commission for a review of the decision.

The application for review must be made within 3 months of the student, parent, guardian or trustee receiving a copy of that decision.

The Commission must review the decision, or cause the decision to be reviewed by a person to whom the Commission has delegated its power under this paragraph (not being the person who made the decision).

On the completion of its review of a decision, the Commission shall:

(a)if it is satisfied that the decision is unsatisfactory, set aside the decision and substitute for that decision such decision as the Commission considers to be appropriate; or

(b)if it is not so satisfied, affirm the decision.