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5.4.7 Rent verification

Rent verification procedures define acceptable proof of the amount of rent paid to include:

  1. a signed rent book; or
  2. a rent verification form signed by the landlord; or
  3. a recent rent receipt, not more than 6 weeks old; or 
  4. a current lease or tenancy agreement in the student's name and not more than 12 months old; or
  5. a signed letter or statement from the landlord, or the person to whom rent is paid, not more than 6 weeks old; or
  6. an account from a boarding school showing the amount paid for lodging (or board and lodging); or
  7. failing any of the above, a statutory declaration (including details of who the rent is paid to, who they share with, and the break up of rental expense between the occupants).

Rent receipts, letters or statements provided in verification must show the name of the person issuing the receipt or letter, the name of the person to whom it is issued, the amount, the date and the address of the property for which rent was or is payable.