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2.3.4 Place of Study (see 2.6 of the Instruments)

To be eligible for benefits under the Schemes a student must be undertaking study within Australia, or have made application or been accepted to study within Australia.

The Commission may waive this requirement if the circumstances of the student are held to be exceptional (see 2.6.1 of the Instruments).

Allowances may be paid for a period of up to 12 months to a student who has been awarded a place within a formal overseas exchange scheme or who has received a scholarship to study overseas.  In such a case, benefits are limited to the appropriate “living at home” education allowance with the exception of double orphans who may continue to receive the double orphan rate of allowance. A student's entitlement to receive rent assistance while residing outside Australia may be affected (see 5.5 of the Instruments).

Note that the student must still satisfy all other eligibility criteria during the 12 month period e.g. must still be undertaking full-time education (and in the case of MRCAETS, must not be engaged in full-time work).  This provision is intended to cover those in formal exchange and scholarship programs.  In some instances, student undertaking internships or equivalent programs overseas will be required to defer their full-time study to do so – in these cases it is unlikely the student will

All applications from students studying overseas will go to the Children's Education Scheme Secretary for overseas students.  Applications involving the 'exceptional circumstances' provision (2.6.1) of the instrument for overseas study require approval by the VCES Manager.  If the application requires policy input, the Secretary and manager will discuss with the Education Schemes Policy Officer.