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C31/2004 National Office Issue of the 2005 Transport Concession Card (TC1) for New South Wales and Victoria


DATE OF ISSUE:  5 November 2004

National Office Issue of the 2005 Transport Concession Card (TC1) for New South Wales and Victoria


This Departmental Instruction provides information on:

  • the issuing of the 2005 TC1;
  • procedures for applying for replacement cards and/or travel vouchers; and
  • arrangements for ongoing daily issuing of TC1s.


War widows/widowers who are not in receipt of service pension, income support supplement or social security age pension paid by DVA or Centrelink  are eligible to receive a TC1 if they live in the following states:

  •   New South Wales; and
  •   Victoria (except World War 1 War widows/widowers).

The TC1 provides state funded travel concessions.

The Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia do not offer TC1 cards.  However, war widows/widowers may still be eligible for travel concessions through their DVA Gold Card, CSHC or Transport Passes.

National Office Role

The National Office coordinates the bulk mail out of  the TC1s for New South Wales and Victoria.

What has changed
  • Minor text and formatting changes to the 2005 stock;
  • Postcode ranges and border town post codes have been updated in line with the latest version issued by Australia Post;
  • If a date of death is recorded after the live extract and before personalising of the cards, the client data will be automatically deleted from the data extract file, resulting in no card being issued for that client.

Overview of exercise

The approximate number of the TC1 cards and carriers to be produced for the annual issue will be 16,351.  The state break down is as follows:


Annual Run








The following table provides a summary timetable of key dates in this year's TC1 process:

This Event

Is scheduled to occur

Data extract and matching with Centrelink

12 & 13 November 2004

Bulk Printing of TC1s

16 - 19 November 2004

Lodgement with Australia Post

19 November 2004

Inserts with TC1s

A state specific 2005 fridge magnet calendar will be inserted with the bulk mailout of the TC1s.

Daily Issues and replacement cards and or vouchers/coupons

Local arrangements remain in force and the States Offices are to use discretion when issuing or replacing 2004 and 2005 cards and/or vouchers/coupons.

Distribution of blank stock for the Daily TC1s

Blank stock for the Daily TC1s has been distributed to the NSW and VIC State Contact Officer on Monday, 18 October 2004.

State Offices are to begin using the 2005 Daily stock on Monday,

15 November 2004.

TC1 State Office Contacts

The TC1 State Office Contacts are as follows:




Sue Cooney


David Price

Report Problems to National Office

Staff are reminded that it is important that they keep a log of problems identified following the bulk issue of the TC1s.  Please provide the full details to Kerry-Anne Rowe.  Every endeavour will be made to rectify any identified problems.

Contact Officer

The contact officer for this exercise is Kerry-Anne Rowe on (02) 6289 6663.

Jeanette Ricketts



5 November 2004