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Other Entitlements


When assessing eligibility for the LOE Allowance consideration should be given to other entitlements, particularly the [glossary:temporary special rate:DEF/Temporary Special Rate (TSR)] pension (known as the Totally and Temporarily Incapacitated (TTI) pension). New guidelines on the assessment of [glossary:special rate:Def Special Rate (T&PI)] were updated 19 March 2013 and are now available in CLIK. These guidelines reflect the Commission policy adopted following the decision Repatriation Commission v Connell [2011] FCAFC 116 (Connell). For more information, see [glossary:CM6882 – Special Rate and Intermediate Rate of Pension.

A veteran or member may also be entitled to incapacity payments for conditions accepted under the SRCA:CSREF/CG/CM6882] or MRCA.

Temporarily totally incapacitated rate of disability compensation payment (formerly known as disability pension) under section 25 of the VEATTI is the colloquial name for temporary payment at the special rate of the disability compensation payment.



Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004