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Other Entitlements


When assessing eligibility for the LOE Allowance consideration should be given to other entitlements, particularly the [glossary:temporary special rate:DEF/Temporary Special Rate (TSR)] pension (known as the Totally and Temporarily Incapacitated (TTI) pension). New guidelines on the assessment of [glossary:special rate:Def Special Rate (T&PI)] were updated 19 March 2013 and are now available in CLIK. These guidelines reflect the Commission policy adopted following the decision Repatriation Commission v Connell [2011] FCAFC 116 (Connell). For more information, see [glossary:CM6882 – Special Rate and Intermediate Rate of Pension.

A veteran or member may also be entitled to incapacity payments for conditions accepted under the SRCA:CSREF/CG/CM6882] or MRCA.

Temporarily totally incapacitated rate of disability pension under section 25 of the VEA.



Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004