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The Loss of Earnings (LOE) Allowance provisions contained in section 108 of the Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986 (VEA) provide compensation for veterans or members where they have been absent from their usual place of employment and lost salary, wages or earnings due to:

a)receiving treatment for a war or defence caused disability or disease;

b)waiting for the supply or repair of an artificial limb or other surgical aid or appliance; or

c)commitments related to the investigation of a claim or application for increased rate made by the veteran or member for disability pension.

Additionally, a person other than a veteran or member can be paid the LOE Allowance where that person lost salary, wages or earnings if they are:

d)an attendant authorised by the Repatriation Commission to accompany a veteran or member to assist with travel for treatment, health appointments or appointments in relation to the payment of a pension; or

e)acting as an attendant or persons representative assisting in these matters on behalf of a veteran or member, or a dependant of a veteran or member, in relation to a claim for disability pension and as a result of the investigation of that claim, suffers a loss of salary, wages or earnings.