Commission Guideline

  1. In order for a veteran to be genuinely seeking work, it is necessary that, during the assessment period, the veteran is actively seeking work. For the purposes of this test, the term “seeking” means “attempt to” or “trying to” and requires the applicant to do something in an effort to seek employment.  The term “genuinely” means “sincerely” or “honestly” and extends beyond a veteran having expressed a wish or hope to seek employment.

  1. Evidence of a veteran genuinely seeking employment may include, but is not limited to, a combination of:
    • Visits to doctors for the primary purpose of maintaining or improving the veteran's fitness for work.
    • Visits to an employment counsellor.
    • Registering for employment.
    • Attempts to obtain employment (part time or full time).
    • Retaining a professional membership and updating skills as required by that membership.

  1. While there is no requirement for the veteran to retrain, update skills, professional licences or qualifications, or relocate to obtain work, such effort might add to the evidence that the veteran has been genuinely seeking employment.

  1. Delegates need to carefully consider any relocation by a veteran to an area of low employment relative to the veteran's skills. Unless the reason for moving clearly relates to the health or welfare of the veteran or family, such a move may not support a finding that the veteran has been genuinely seeking employment.