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Ameliorating Provisions (Under 65 Veterans) -


24(2)(b) for Special Rate

23(3)(b) for Intermediate Rate


  1. The Ameliorating Provisions in ss 24(2)(b) and 23(3)(b) allow for unemployed veterans under the age of 65 who are unable to obtain remunerative work due to their accepted conditions to meet the Prevented and Alone tests.


  1. In order for s 24(2)(b) or s 23(3)(b) to be satisfied, the veteran must:
  • be under Age Pension Age at the date of application; and
  • have not been engaged in remunerative work; and
  • have genuinely been seeking to obtain work; and
  • be incapacitated from accepted conditions that are 'the substantial cause' preventing the veteran from continuing to seek to obtain work.




Age Pension Age refers to pension age as defined under the Social Security Act 1991, that is, pension age for people other than veterans.