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Last amended 
5 April 2023

Rehabilitation providers need to be aware of the following differences to a normal assessment process:

  • This client group is more likely to be financially and psychosocially vulnerable.
  • Contact must be made with the client within 3 business days of date of referral.
  • An initial assessment must be submitted within 6 business days from date of referral.
  • There is no return to work (RTW) pressure whilst on a Veteran Payment initiated plan.
  • Consultants conducting this type of assessment must be experienced in complex cases and be sensitive to the individual client’s situation and the DVA’s intent to provide a support whilst their claim is being considered.

The assessment must address the client’s current situation and immediate needs, particularly in relation to accommodation, financial situation, family support and health treatment. The full INA report, as described in CLIK Rehabilitation Assessment Report, form D1334 will most likely not be appropriate at this time. It is also unlikely that the Lifestyle Satisfaction Indicator should be completed at this point. The consultants experience and judgement will need to provide them with guidance on what is most appropriate.  Should this type of assessment be conducted, there is no standard template and the provider may use any format, but must include the above current situation and immediate needs and a recommendation as to whether they have capacity to participate in a rehabilitation program.  The standard DVA Rights and Obligations forms (D1395 and D1396) must still be explained to and signed by the client.