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3.8 DVA Rehabilitation Reporting Documents

Last amended 
6 April 2023

Standardised rehabilitation reporting documents are an important element in achieving a uniform approach to DVA rehabilitation services across all three DVA rehabilitation schemes and the range of services available within DVA.

Standard reporting documents must be used by all rehabilitation providers delivering rehabilitation services on behalf of DVA.

For rehabilitation referrals after 29 May 2017, these documents must be uploaded electronically to R&C ISH. Documents uploaded to R&C ISH will be saved in the client’s TRIM file and flagged as new information in R&C ISH.

To upload to R&C ISH, the DVA Rehabilitation Coordinator will need to send the Rehabilitation Provider an email with information about how to upload to R&C ISH and the Transaction Reference Number to be used for the individual client.

The reporting documents, available through the DVA forms portal are the:

  • Rehabilitation Assessment Report (form number D1334);
  • Rehabilitation Plan (form number D1347);
  • Rehabilitation Plan Amendment (form number D1336);
  • Rehabilitation Plan Progress Report (form number D1330); and the
  • Rehabilitation Plan Closure Report (form number D1335).

Rehabilitation providers can search for these forms by either form number, or by using the keyword search term "rehabilitation".

Rehabilitation providers must not remove the DVA logo on any of these forms, and/or replace the DVA logo with their company logo.

DVA Rehabilitation Coordinators must not accept forms that have had the DVA logo removed or altered in any way. If this occurs, they must follow up with the rehabilitation provider and ask that the logo is reinstated and that the forms are resubmitted.