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3.12.2 Eligibility for Veteran Payment

Last amended 
5 April 2023

Veterans lodging claims under either the DRCA or the MRCA for a mental health condition can be considered for the veteran payment (VP).  There are a number of other eligibility conditions for the VP, including:

  • the requirement to meet the Income and Assets test, and
  • to be unable to work eight or more hours per week, and
  • must also be a resident of Australia at the time of submitting the liability claim. 

Details of these requirements are located in the CLIK Compensation and Support Policy Library Part 3.

Applicants will be asked to complete a D9333 Veteran Payment details form which collects necessary information regarding income, assets, partner and tax file numbers.

Once approved, payment of VP has a start date two weeks prior to lodgement of the claim, and payment can continue for up to six weeks after a determination on liability for the relevant condition, or if a number of mental health claims have been lodged, the date the last mental health claim has been determined.

Partners of veterans may also be eligible to receive a VP, however only the primary person, as described in the Veterans’ Entitlements (Veteran Payment) Instrument 2018 No. R40 is eligible for a rehabilitation program. If the partner in receipt of VP is also a veteran who has lodged a claim for a mental health condition, then they will be assessed for participation in their own rehabilitation plan.