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3.6 Types of Service Providers

Last amended 
6 April 2023

Rehabilitation Service Providers

To work with DVA clients, rehabilitation service provider organisations need to:

  1. be an approved rehabilitation service provider; and
  2. from 1 July 2016, satisfy a number of DVA-specific requirements.

Further information about rehabilitation service providers can be found in Chapter 11.


Health and Allied Health Service Providers

This group include legally qualified and registered general practitioners, medical specialists, dentists, psychologists, rehabilitation counsellors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, podiatrist, prosthetists, orthotists, masseurs or chiropractors and dieticians, etc.


Training Providers

These are accredited educational institutions or training providers at the state and national levels.


Support Service Providers

Include agencies or individuals who can provide services:

  • that assist in job preparation skilling or job placement for people seeking employment;
  • of a domestic nature (cooking, house cleaning, laundry and gardening services) for the proper running and maintenance of the client's household;
  • other than household services, medical or surgical services or nursing care, that are required for the essential and regular personal care of the client; and
  • which assist in altering a client's place of residence, work or training or can provide rehabilitation aids and appliances.