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Last amended 
17 May 2018

It is not intended or expected that the veteran will be fully participative in any agreed rehabilitation program by the time the Veteran Payment (VP) ceases. However, the early participation in rehabilitation is acknowledged as best practice and every effort should be made to ensure this obligation can be achieved. To support the intent of the VP, provided the veteran has agreed to attend an appointment with a rehabilitation service provider that will meet the rehabilitation obligation.

Should the veteran not be responding to attempts by rehabilitation coordinators or service providers, it is expected that attempted contact, via various methods, should continue with periodic reports back to the Income Support team to advise.

The delegation to suspend VP sits with the Income Support delegate. Suspension will also include VP payment to the veteran’s partner, if they are also in receipt of this payment.

While it is unlikely that compliance will be an issue during the period where VP will be paid, it is important that veterans are aware of this requirement. Use of the Roles and Responsibilities standard form should be provided to the veteran both to support the compliance requirements and to prepare the veteran when moving into the rehabilitation BAU state.