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Last amended 
17 May 2018

Where a person’s circumstances change and they no longer meet the eligibility criteria for Veteran Payment (VP), eligibility to access rehabilitation will also change. The 3.12.1 Legislative authority requires the client to be in receipt of VP to access rehabilitation unless they meet other eligibility criteria, for example if they already have a claim accepted which may meet the requirements set out in CLIK: Identifying Rehabilitation Clients.

Situations which may cause a client to lose VP eligibility might include when a client:

  • has had a change in their income and/or assets to the extent that they no longer meet the income and asset test requirements; or
  • has failed to provide a medical certificate advising of their capacity to work within the 4 week time frame; or
  • has been assessed by their doctor as having capacity to work more than 8 hours per week; or
  • has requested their payment ceases,
  • has had their liability claim determined.

Where VP eligibility ceases, some of the clients options may include;

  • if the undetermined claim was submitted under MRCA, the client may meet the criteria to continue rehabilitation under the Accelerated Access to Rehab (AAR) pilot, or
  • if the undetermined claim was submitted under DRCA, the client will need to transition off rehab, or
  • if the claim has been determined and was not accepted, and they have no other accepted conditions that will provide them with eligibility for rehabilitation, they will need to be transitioned off rehab, or
  • if the claim has been accepted, the client’s rehabilitation program will transition to BAU rehab.