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10.12.8 Replacing a motor vehicle

Last amended 
5 October 2021

If the MRCC has previously subsidised the purchase of a motor vehicle for an eligible person, the person may be entitled to compensation for the purchase of a new or second-hand replacement motor vehicle.

Eligibility for a replacement vehicle

The guidelines for replacement of a MVCS funded motor vehicle are contained in the MVCS legislative instrument.

For a person to be eligible for a replacement vehicle, the following must apply:

  • the person’s application for compensation for a replacement motor vehicle is made at least 5 years after the person last received compensation for a motor vehicle under the MVCS; or
  • the person’s motor vehicle that was purchased or modified under the MVCS has travelled at least 100,000 kilometres after it was purchased or modified, whichever last occurred; and
  • a qualified mechanic considers that it is reasonable to replace the person’s existing motor vehicle taking into account that vehicle’s condition and safety and it’s maintenance and service history; and
  • the person trades in or sells their existing motor vehicle which they purchased under the MVCS; or
  • the person’s motor vehicle that was purchased or modified under the MVCS is stolen or destroyed through no fault of the person.

It is suggested that as a first step, delegates liaise with the Driver Trained OT to explain the requirement for a mechanic to provide their advice about the suitability of replacing a vehicle. The OT may have a mechanic contact who they can refer the case to for their advice. Alternatively, the mechanic who normally services or maintains the client’s existing vehicle could be used. The mechanic will need to assess the car to provide their professional opinion about whether it is reasonable to consider replacing the vehicle. The mechanic should consider whether the vehicle is safe (taking into account its maintenance and service history) and also whether it is suitable to have any recommended modifications fitted. 

Recommendation from a Driver Trained OT

A replacement vehicle can only be considered where a Driver Trained Specialist OT has:

  • made a written recommendation that they are satisfied on reasonable grounds that the person would derive benefit to their mental and physical health and level of mobility from driving or being driven in the replacement motor vehicle;
  • confirmed that, due to the client’s level of impairment, they are unable to drive or be driven in their motor vehicle in safety and comfort without modifications to their vehicle; and
  • made a recommendation about the type and model of vehicle that is most suitable for the client, and what modifications will be required to enable the person to drive or be driven in safety and reasonable comfort.
Claims for a replacement vehicle

All claims for a replacement vehicle are to be emailed for consideration to Please ensure that all relevant evidence, including the Driver Trained OT reports and all of their recommendations are included with the request. Requests for reconsideration of the original determination should also be emailed to the same mailbox.

Should a client wish to have a decision that has been made about a replacement vehicle under the MVCS reviewed, they should submit the request as per the normal review process outlined in section 13.4 of this library.