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9.6.4 Social Security Appeals Tribunal the pensioner is not satisfied with the decision of the ARO, he/she may apply to the Social Security Appeals Tribunal (SSAT) for a review. SSAT is an independent statutory tribunal established as the first tier of external review of social security payment decisions. It aims to provide a mechanism of review that is fair, just, economical, informal and quick. When reviewing a social security decision, the SSAT may affirm, vary or set aside the Department's decision. When it sets aside a decision, it may substitute a new decision or refer it back to the Department with directions or recommendations. SSAT is only able to review a decision if it has first been reviewed by an Authorised Review Officer. pensioner may apply to the SSAT for a review of a decision by sending or delivering a written application to an office of the Tribunal, or any DVA VAN Office. A pensioner may also make an application to the Tribunal over the phone or in person at the SSAT. Applications are available from any Centrelink or SSAT Office. If an application is requested of a DVA Officer, an application should be arranged to be sent to the pensioner's home address. either the pensioner or the Department consider the SSAT's decision to be incorrect, either may apply to the AAT for a further review of the decision.