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9.6.1 Overview delegates of the Secretary, under Social Security Law (SSL), DVA officers may be required to determine reviews of age (or wife) pension decisions, on behalf of the Secretary of the Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS). acts as an agent for FaCS and administers payment of age and wife pension under the SSL. Therefore social security pensioners who receive payment through DVA must receive the appropriate review rights in accordance with the SSL. mentioned in this manual's Section 9.2 Service Pension & Income Support Supplement Reviews in this chapter, a person can only appeal certain specified income support decisions. However, under the SSAA, a person affected by a decision of an officer under SSL may apply to the Secretary for review of that decision. This means if a person is affected by any decision made under the SSA or the SSAA, they can appeal that decision. For example, under the SSAA a person can appeal against decisions relating to the recovery of overpayments. They can also appeal against automatic terminations or reductions. a pensioner is affected by a decision made about their social security entitlements the steps outlined in this manual's Sections 9.6.2 to 9.6.5 of this chapter may be pursued.