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3.5.8 Outcome of investigation reviewed the pensioner's circumstances, made further investigation and gathered information under section 128 VEA from third parties, the examiner may decide to interview the pensioner. The guidelines for interviewing are contained in this manual's Chapter 11 Overpayment Interviews. the new details confirm that a variation in pension is warranted, examiners should establish if there is a breach of section 54 VEA obligations. For an automatic decision to vary pension under section 56 VEA, section 56A VEA or section 56B VEA, the date of effect rules apply. If the decision to vary pension is an adverse determination, the date of effect is determined by the delegate under section 56H VEA. action should be undertaken as soon as possible to minimise any possible overpayment. The delegate must determine the appropriate action and advise whether variation from an earlier date is indicated by the information provided. overpayments should be referred to the Overpayment Management Unit who will take investigation and recovery action and determine whether or not the case should be referred for prosecution action.