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3.5.5 Acting on advice denunciation should be handed to the appropriate office or area in your section. If your section has designated officers to handle denunciations the case should be handed to them for action. State Office procedures should be followed with regard to responsibility and clearance for the various stages of the investigation. a pensioner has been correctly identified, all details in the denunciation should be compared with the current records. The first step should always be to check the Department's records with the information received. This includes checking when the last advice was sent to the pensioner and what it said in regard to obligations, and whether this pensioner is subject to automatic review. must also be determined when the pensioner was last reviewed. If it was only recently, then it would be appropriate to go ahead and investigate further. If it was some time since the last assessment, the pensioner should be reviewed again before a decision is made to continue investigating the allegations. This gives the pensioner the opportunity to come forward and notify of a change of circumstances. It may be that there are extenuating circumstances which explain why the information was not immediately relayed to the Department.