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Medical and Other Treatment

Legislative Authority

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988
Part II, Division 1 – Section 16
Part XI, Division 2 – Sections 144A and 144B


Stated Current Purpose/Intent

Provides treatment in accordance with the VEA Treatment Principles or the MRCA Treatment Principles through the DVA Health Card arrangements.  In highly exceptional circumstances, treatment can be provided on a reimbursement basis, where the client has long term severe injuries.  It also provides reimbursement of the costs incurred in connection with a journey taken to obtain medical treatment or to attend medical examination in respect of a claim, provided the journey covered a substantial distance (i.e. at least 50 km return trip) or if the journey involved the use of public transport or ambulance services, regardless of the distance involved.


Current Eligibility Criteria

Members and former members of the ADF who require medical treatment for an injury or disease which has been recognised as being service related under the SRCA.


Date of Introduction

1 December 1988


Original Purpose/Intent

To provide compensation for the reasonable cost of medical and other treatment, which it was reasonable for the employee to obtain in respect of an injury or disease that has been accepted under SRCA.



  1. There is generally no entitlement to medical and other treatment for full-time serving members because the ADF meets these expenses as a condition of service.


Significant Changes in Criteria or Purpose Since Introduction


Section 7 of the Commonwealth Employees' Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment Act 1992 (No 264/1992) amended S 16 of the 1988 Act by omitting S 16(6) and (7) and substituting new subsections; the amendments commenced on 24 December 1992.  The amendment clarified the appropriate rate of reimbursement for travel for medical treatment and the circumstances in which payment will be made.  Under the new arrangements, the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations is empowered to declare a rate per kilometre and Comcare is able to determine a reasonable length of a journey.  The amendments only apply to journeys made after 24 December 1992.


On 10 December 2013, section 144A and 144B of the SRCA were introduced which provided access for SRCA clients to the DVA Treatment Principles and DVA Health card arrangements.