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C21/2003 Verification of Post 1998 Deployments



Verification of Post 1998 Deployments


This Instruction sets out the procedure which should be followed to obtain and record post 1998 service records when processing claims.


Recently there have been an increasing number of inefficiencies identified when dealing with post 1998 service record requests.  These have caused delays in processing claims and some duplication of requests.


For ease of reference:

  • Part I gives the basic instructions.

  • Part II provides more detail.

Not included

This Instruction does not cover confirmation of service prior to 1998.  Such confirmation should be obtained as usual from CARO or from Navy/RAAF personnel records.

Part IBasic steps – verification of post 1998 deployments

Steps in obtaining post 1998 service information

Before requesting service information from Defence, a Claims Assessor, or the person requesting the information must:

  • check on VIEW  and on file (both M and C files, including previous files) to see if service information on the claimant has already been received; 

and where appropriate,

  • also check the declared lists of ADF members on CLIK for East Timor service on operations Faber, Warden, Stabalise, or Tanager;

If the necessary information is on CLIK, make a file note to put with the service documents and statements of service on the file and record the service information on VIEW / CCPS.

When to contact Defence

If the necessary service information has not been found after the above actions, then contact Belen Mansford at the Department of Defence at

Request only confirmation of any periods of service not already verified.

As soon as the requested service information is received it must:

  • be recorded on VIEW / CCPS, and
  • the supporting paperwork put with the service documents and statements of service on the file.

Part II Further Information

Before contacting Defence

It is particularly important that an assessor who is processing a disability claim checks whether the service information for the claimant has previously been obtained for qualifying service purposes and vice versa.

In States where it is customary for staff other than claims assessors (for example, registry staff) to request the service information, the claims assessors should take particular care to check whether service information has already been requested from Defence to avoid duplicating that request.

If a claims assessor finds a document on file that appears to relate to post 1998 deployment and is not sure about its authenticity, the Claims Assessor should contact National Office on the “DVA Policy Eligibility Research”

e-mail address for confirmation.

Post 1998 deployments

Since 1998 there have been ADF deployments in:

  • East Timor 
  • Bougainville 
  • Solomon Islands (various)
  • Afghanistan (War on Terrorism) 
  • Iraq conflict (2nd Gulf War)

Of the above deployments, allotment certificates listing individual ADF members have so far only been issued for some operations in East Timor.  It is expected that the Department of Defence will continue to progressively issue such Instruments for all post 1998 “warlike” service.

East Timor Service

Where a claimant states that they were in East Timor during the period, or operation, for which an allotment certificate has been issued, this service can be confirmed by checking the allotment certificates on CLIK.

CLIK should be checked before requesting information from Defence to prevent superfluous requests being made.

NOTE: The information on the allotment certificate may be used to confirm service, but must not be used to exclude any claimants.  If a claimant states that they were on one of these operations, but is not listed, or if there are concerns about the service details shown, contact  National Office on the “DVA Policy Eligibility Research”

e-mail address.

If the service information required is provided on these lists, the Claims Assessor does not need to contact the Department of Defence, but must make a File Note to put on the file with the service documentation, detailing where the confirmed service information came from.

ADF members on CLIK

The allotment certificates listing all ADF members who served on operations Faber, Warden, and Stabalise are on CLIK.  The allotment certificate listing those who served on operation Tanager is expected to be added shortly.  To view:

  1. Open CLIK
  2. Go to 'Legislation Library'
  3. Open 'Service Eligibility' on the left-hand side of the screen
  4. Open 'Service Determinations'
  5. Open 's. 6F Warlike Service'
  6. Open 'East Timor'
  7. Open 'List of ADF Members'

Links to Allotment Certificates for Faber, Warden and Stabilise are shown on the right of the screen.  Tanager will be added as soon as it is available.

Operation Faber 16/9/99 – 23/2/00

If the claimant was on Operation Faber, click on the first link: 'Operation Faber'.  Once this opens, you will need to choose the 'page' menu at the top of the screen and select 'next page'.  A list of personnel who served on Operation Faber will be displayed.

Operation Warden 16/9/99 – 10/4/00 / Stabilise 16/9/99 – 23/2/00

The link is '16 May 2002 List of Personnel – Operation Warden/Stabilise'.

Once the link is opened select the relevant Operation /Service tab.

Requests to Dept of Defence

If the relevant service information is not on file, or on CLIK, requests for service details should be e-mailed to:

All requests should include as much information as possible (for example dates and the names of operations if known) and must include:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Service number / PMKEYS Number
  • Branch of Service

NOTE: Although requests are made direct to Defence, their reply will be through the Policy, Eligibility and Research Section (PER) in National Office and Claims Assessors will be individually advised by PER of the result of their requests.


All E-mail to and from the DVA and the Department of Defence is sent via a secure link.   Therefore, personal information including sensitive information can be exchanged by the Departments without any risk of outside scrutiny that would breach the Privacy Act 1988.


Any long delays or problems encountered with these requests to Defence should be reported to the “DVA Policy Eligibility Research” e-mail address.

Recording advice received

When a Claims Assessor receives advice about the service of a claimant, that Claims Assessor must:

  1. Record the advice on VIEW / CCPS; and

2.   Put a copy of that advice on with the service documents and statements of service on the file.

  • Conclusion

Claims assessors must:

  • Check for information on file, VIEW or CLIK before contacting Defence; AND
  • Record new service information on VIEW / CCPS immediately; AND
  • Place verification of service (from whichever source) with the service documents and statements of service on the file.

Mark Johnson

Branch Head

Disability Compensation

18 August 2003