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4.2.3 Reviews of fees

Income/means tested fees are reviewed quarterly by DHS. At the end of each quarter, the resident may receive a refund from the aged care facility if their assessed fee or their cost of care changed during that quarter. There is no adjustment if the assessed fee had increased during that time.

Under the post 1 July 2014 rules, variation in a person’s income or assets can result in changes to an individual’s means tested care fee and their accommodation contribution.

For continuing care residents, only the income-tested fee varies as their income changes. The assets assessment for their accommodation bond/charge is based on a snapshot of the person’s circumstances as at their date of entry to care or the date the determination was made.

DVA will apply the information collected for income support pension purposes to the aged care rules for ongoing updates of a resident’s income (and assets for post 1 July 2014 residents). A self-funded retiree can also advise Centrelink or DVA of any changes in their circumstances, so that their information is passed onto DHS for review and adjustment of their fees.