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4.2 Collecting income and assets information

For residents who are receiving a means tested income support payment, the income and asset details from the pension assessment plus the rate of income support pension are provided to DHS by DVA or Centrelink. Blind pensioners who have not previously disclosed information about their income and assets may need to provide that information for aged care purposes.

Information for self-funded retiree residents will generally be administered by Centrelink. If residents choose not to submit an assessment, they may be required to pay a higher fee. The maximum fees may apply to residents who elect not to disclose their income and assets.    

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The data collection forms for aged care means testing are:

  • Aged Care Fees - Income Assessment (SA456) which can be lodged for Home Care Packages commencing on or after 1 July 2014 and also for certain pre-July permanent residential aged care admissions (replacing the SA316, generally used by self-funded retirees); and
  • Permanent Residential Aged Care - Request for a Combined Assets and Income Assessment (SA457)

The forms and accompanying information booklets are available from the DHS-Centrelink website.    

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44-9 Failure to give requested asset information and 44-23 Failure to give requested income information – Aged Care (Transitional Provisions) Act 1997


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