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3.7.2 Keeping the Client informed

Last amended 
22 December 2016

The Rehabilitation Coordinator is to ensure that the client is kept informed of the decision to refer them to a rehabilitation service provider for a rehabilitation assessment, and advise the client of the following:

  • the rehabilitation service provider's details;
  • the mandatory timeframes for actions:
    • 7 day requirement to contact the client; and
    • 21 day requirement for the submission of the completed assessment report;
  • the need to complete and return the Medical Disclosure Authority Form (available on the Forms Portal - D9290 provides the authorisation for a single medical practitioner and D9291 provides the authorisation for multiple medical practitioners), and that this form will be provided, if not already done so at interview, with the confirming letter;
  • that a formal determination letter (SL3a for MRCA/SRCA clients or SL2a for VVRS clients)* will be sent confirming the referral details;
  • that information about the client’s rehabilitation rights and obligations will be sent with the referral letter. The appropriate 'Rehabilitation Rights and Obligations' form (D1395 for return to work or D1396 for non-return to work) is available through the DVA forms portal;
  • that as the Rehabilitation Coordinator, you are there to assist with communication between the client, the treating medical provider/specialist/s and the rehabilitation service provider.

It is good practice to advise the treating medical provider/specialist that their patient has been referred for a rehabilitation assessment and that they may be contacted to provide medical input for the assessment and possible rehabilitation program development for their patient. The Medical Details (external) (SL6b) should be used for this purpose.

The decision to refer a client to a rehabilitation service provider, for a rehabilitation assessment is a formal determination and as such is a reviewable decision under section 37 of SRCA, section 51 of MRCA and section 1.3.2 of the VVRS Instrument. Refer to section 13.4 of this Library for further information about how a client may request a review of a rehabilitation decision.

*The SL3a, b or c letters in Defcare are not to be used for referrals for household service or activities of daily living assessments (for attendant care). See chapters 7 and 8 of the Rehabilitation Procedures Guide for guidance about how to make a referral and the appropriate letters for these types of assessments.