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3.8.6 Rehabilitation Plan Supporting Documents

Last amended 
26 May 2017

A range of supplementary documentation available to rehabilitation service providers to assist in the management and progress of a rehabilitation plan/program.

The Rehabilitation Plan Supporting Documents are the:

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Medical Guidelines
  • Rehabilitation Plan ‘To Do List’
  • Rehabilitation Working Plan
  • Job Seeker’s Diary

Vocational Rehabilitation Medical Guidelines

The Vocational Rehabilitation Medical Guidelines are for the client’s treating practitioner to complete and return to the Rehabilitation Coordinator. This allows the treating practitioner to provide input in not only assessing the client’s vocational rehabilitation but all aspects of their rehabilitation program. This may include physical restrictions, recommendations as to types of suitable duties and activities, as well as any general comments or recommendations for their client.

Rehabilitation Coordinators can access these documents through the R&C Support site.

Rehabilitation Plan ‘To Do List’

This is primarily used to assist a client to ‘keep on track’ and provide a tool for them to report activity to their rehabilitation service provider. This information may also be provided to the Rehabilitation Coordinator.

Rehabilitation Coordinators can access this document through TRIM Ref 0744360E.

Rehabilitation Working Plan

This is a ‘mini plan’, which is very client task focused with clearly defined time frames. The tasks listed are specific client tasks and these ‘working plans’ do not contain the financial aspects as on the client’s official rehabilitation plan. This document is drafted primarily to assist the client to ‘keep on track’.

Rehabilitation Coordinators can access this document through TRIM Ref 0744364E.

Job Seeker’s Diary

This form is to enable the client to document and report their participation in job seeking activities. All entries should be either counter signed by canvassed prospective employers or the client as a true and accurate record of their participation. The persons or organisations canvassed must be clearly recorded to enable the rehabilitation service provider to confirm contact by client.

Rehabilitation Coordinators can access this document through TRIM Ref 0744338E.