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8.3.8 Clearance data development of clearance requests for electronic transfer, State Offices should ensure that the clearance forms currently used contain the key fields for each client that requires clearance. A (DVA request):

  • Full name (including any other name the client is known by)
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • DVA and Centrelink reference numbers
  • Date of grant/variation
  • Payment type/s and rate/s; and
  • Fortnightly payment amount/s. B (Centrelink's response):

  • The additional phrase for Centrelink to specify that the adjustment amount is a recoverable debt under section 1223(1) in the SSA; and
  • Include a request for residential, income and asset details in the case of WWP grants, to facilitate assessment of ISS on the basis of the details held by Centrelink. C (DVA's acknowledgment):

  • Include the options for DVA recovery or referral back to Centrelink.