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9.6 DRCA Clearances

Prior to offering a lump sum the DRCA Delegate will request a nominal clearance from the VEA Delegate.  On this nominal clearance the VEA Delegate provides an estimate of any amount to be recovered from the lump sum and the ongoing offset, which would be applied to Disability Compensation Payment.  The DRCA Delegate advises the client of these amounts when an offer is made, thus allowing him/her to make an informed decision on whether to accept the lump sum.  Should the client accept the offer, the DRCA Delegate will request a further clearance.  As time may have passed and pension rates may have increased between the preparation of the nominal clearance and the actual date of payment of the lump sum, the final offset may vary slightly.  For further information refer to Department Instruction C16/2005 - Processing and clearance procedures for cases involving MCRS where disability pension and/or service pension is in payment or has been claimed.




Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988

Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986.