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10.5 Multiple Effective Dates

Any given veteran may have one or more accepted conditions and individual conditions may have different effective dates, that is, within any period where compensation offsetting is being applied there may have been a number of Repatriation Commission determinations.  A separate notional assessment will be needed for each Disability Compensation Payment effective date.  This applies when a pension is increased or when a rate is continued as the apportionment between the accepted conditions may have changed even if the pension rate did not change.  For example a further condition may be accepted without the overall pension rate being increased.  Any GARP points awarded for the new condition may reduce the pension paid in respect of the compensable condition and affect the amount to be offset.  Where a decision is made (other than an entitlement reject alone) which results in Disability Compensation Payment being continued at the same rate, the case is to be referred to the officer responsible for calculating notional assessments, to consider whether an adjustment to the current offset amount is required.




The portion of the Disability Compensation Payment paid in respect of the compensable condition.



Guide to the Assessment of Rates of Veterans' Pensions.