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3.2.1 Overview

Care fees are the resident’s contribution towards their daily living costs such as costs of nursing and personal care, meals and refreshment and cleaning, lighting, heating/cooling and recreation.

Residents with sufficient income and assets can be asked to pay a means tested care fee. The means tested care fee will combine the current income and asset tests to ensure a consistent fees policy

There are two main types of care fees that residents may be asked to pay:

·          basic fee; and

·         means tested care fee.

Residents may also be asked to pay an extra service fee. This is an extra payment if a higher standard of accommodation is chosen or additional services, such as hairdressing or pay TV in rooms, is elected

A contribution towards day-to-day living costs such as meals, cleaning, laundry, heating and cooling. Everyone entering an aged care home or taking up a Home Care Package can be asked by their service provider to pay the basic fee.

An extra contribution towards the cost of care that residents may need to pay depending on their income and assets and their care needs.