Last amended: 6 July 2006

Basis of temporary exemption

The Commission may grant an exemption from direct credit on a temporary basis where account details are temporarily unavailable or a pensioner is temporarily unable to operate an account.

Examples of temporary exemption

A temporary exemption from direct credit payment may be granted where a pensioner:

  • fails to provide account details in time for payment,
  • becomes temporarily disabled and is unable to get access to his or her account,
  • requires urgent payment that cannot be done in sufficient time through the direct credit system (new grant, reinstatement after suspension), or
  • has transferred interstate and their financial institution is unable to transfer pension payments to the new State and there is insufficient time to arrange payment by direct credit in the new State for the next payday.
Use of counter cheques

Where a temporary exemption has been granted and urgent payment is required, or there is insufficient time available to organise a direct credit payment, a counter cheque may be issued to avoid financial difficulty for the pensioner.

No requirement to apply for temporary exemption

A temporary exemption can be granted without need for the pensioner to apply.

Requirement to advise account details when available

Where a temporary exemption from direct credit payment is granted because a pensioner has not supplied account details, they should advise the department of those details as soon as they are available.