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11.5.6 Payment Method for Overseas Residents


Last amended: 6 May 2014



Direct credit preferred for overseas residents

Pensioners going overseas to live permanently will continue to have their pension payments made by direct credit.    

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Exemption from direct credit for overseas residents

Exemption from direct credit for overseas residents is extremely rare. An exemption from direct credit payment can only be granted to a pensioner who does not have an account with a financial institution in Australia and would qualify for one of the exemption categories detailed in this chapter.    

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Use of overseas missions in forming an opinion

Decision makers are to obtain information from overseas missions to assist them in forming an opinion in cases where a pensioner residing overseas seeks exemption from direct credit payment.

Payment in certain currencies

Pension payments can be paid to an overseas bank account, in any currency the person requests, such as Australian Dollars, provided the nominated bank accepts that currency.

Payment of pension outside Australia

Section 58L VEA

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Payment by Direct Credit

Section 11.5.2

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Other exemptions from payments by direct credit

Section 11.5.3

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