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Depressive disorder

Last amended 
2 June 2015

Intracerebral haemorrhage - Depressive disorder Factor

The psychiatric condition must be diagnosed by a psychiatric specialist and the report conform with the Repatriation Commission Guidelines for Psychiatric Compensation Claims.

Last reviewed for CCPS 24 May 2007.

Preliminary questions [37105]

37106 there is some evidence that depressive disorder may be a factor in the development of the condition under consideration, a cerebrovascular accident.

21802 the veteran had depressive disorder at some time.

39978  depressive disorder means a major depressive episode, recurrent major depressive disorder, dysthymic disorder, depressive disorder not otherwise specified, substance-induced mood disorder with depressive features, or mood disorder due to a general medical condition with depressive features, or with major depressive-like episodes.

37107 the veteran had the identified illness or injury within the 90 days before the clinical onset of the condition under consideration, a cerebrovascular accident.

37108  the veteran has established the causal connection between depressive disorder and operational service for the clinical onset of cerebrovascular accident.

Clinical onset and operational service [37108]

22451  the identified illness or injury is causally related to operational service.