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Lipoma B017

Last amended 
26 October 2015

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Current RMA Instruments:
Reasonable Hypothesis SOP
100 of 2015 as amended by 114 of 2015
Balance of Probabilities SOP
101 of 2015as amended by 115 of 2015
Changes from Previous Instruments:

SOP Bulletin 185

ICD coding:

ICD-9-CM:       214

ICD-10-AM:    D17

Brief description:

This is a benign neoplasm of fat cells.  Lipomas are mostly subcutaneous (under the skin) but they can occur deeper in the body.

Confirming the diagnosis:

This diagnosis is normally made clinically, but to confirm the diagnosis there needs to be histological evidence of lipoma through excision or biopsy.  

The relevant medical specialist is a dermatologist.

Conditions not covered by these SOPs
  • Post traumatic pseudolipoma#

  • Prolapse of adipose tissue#

  • Angiolipoma#

* another SOP applies  - the SOP has the same name unless otherwise specified

# non-SOP condition

Clinical onset

The lipoma is commonly asymptomatic.  Clinical onset will be when a lump subsequently diagnosed to be a lipoma, was first noticed or first came to medical attention.

Clinical worsening

It is not usual to consider a clinical worsening of the lipoma, since the natural history of the underlying pathology of lipoma is to enlarge or to stay the same size.

Further there is no specific treatment of lipoma except to excise the lipoma.