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9.11.1 Rehabilitation Plan for those Considering Self Employment

Last amended 
6 October 2023

A rehabilitation plan under DRCA, MRCA or VVRS for a client considering self employment may include the following:

  • referral to the nearest Small Business Advisory Centre;
  • referral to the nearest ATO;
  • attendance at a 'Starting Your Own Business' workshop;
  • a business plan prepared by a suitably experienced Accountant or Business Planner;
  • small business management training;
  • mentoring; and
  • an Occupational Therapy assessment of the new business and provision of necessary aids and appliances in accordance with section 39 of the DRCA, section 56 of MRCA or section 4.3 of the VVRS.

The costs for any of the above listed items can be considered reasonable for approval on a rehabilitation plan for clients considering self employment and starting their own small business.

Capital set up costs must always be the responsibility of the client (refer to section 9.11.5 of this guide for options for some DRCA and MRCA clients).

To assist the client establish themselves in business, incapacity benefits may continue to be paid for a reasonable period. What is considered a reasonable period will be determined by:

  • the client's progress with their rehabilitation program;
  • recommendations received from the client's rehabilitation service provider and treating practitioners;
  • any feedback provided from a business mentor (if a mentor is providing support to the client); and
  • income that the business is able to generate.

This enables the client to complete the critical business components of their rehabilitation plan, establish a client base or customer network and generate income.