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9.12 Assistance finding suitable employment

Last amended 
6 October 2023

Section 40 of the DRCA (in conjunction with subsection 146(3)) and sections 60 – 62 of the MRCA, place an onus on the Rehabilitation Authority to assist a person who is incapacitated as a result of a service injury or disease to find suitable employment. Suitable employment or suitable work is defined in this manual in section 2.4.2 (MRCA) and section 2.3.1 (DRCA).

It is important to note that a suitable employment outcome for any rehabilitation client may not necessarily be the best or only job to which a client may aspire. The intention is that it involves work that the client can sustain in the long-term and which is not likely to worsen their health.

Note: Research has demonstrated that clients ineffectively placed in poorly matched or career limiting employment will fail long-term and will require additional support services. As the complexity of their circumstances increases, so does the projected costs for managing these clients.