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9.9 Work Trials

Last amended 
16 June 2014

Work Trials are used to achieve a return to work for clients who are not able to return to their original workplace.

A large proportion of DVA clients are ex ADF members who have been medically discharged, and therefore unable to continue their role within the ADF.

A work trial is a valuable opportunity for a person participating in a rehabilitation program to:

  • gain a recent civilian work history and referees;
  • update existing skills;
  • gain new skills;
  • test out their capacity for work;
  • become more competitive in the job seeking process;
  • gain confidence in themselves and their abilities; and
  • form social relationships and expanded support networks.

For the host employer a work trial facilitates:

  • the benefit of an appropriately skilled worker whose wages are paid by the MRCC;
  • increased productivity; and
  • assessing the worker's ability to undertake employment with the employer should a position become available, whilst assisting the worker with their rehabilitation