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9.11.4 Business Planning and Mentoring

Business Planning

Preparation of a business plan is seen as an integral part of the rehabilitation plan for any client who proposes to enter into self employment.  The process of preparing a business plan enables the client to determine the level of commitment they are prepared and will need to make to the venture to ensure success.

The business plan should include:

  • a description of the business, including who will work in the business and where the business will be located;
  • an analysis of the market, including the competition;
  • a list of the initial outlay costs;
  • a cash flow projection which details the monthly financial incomings and outgoings of the business over a 12 month period; and
  • a projected profit and loss statement for a 12 month period.



Mentoring in the early stages of development of a small business can provide valuable support and assistance for those new to the realms of self employment and small business.

Following are links to state and territory government websites that provide information about small business mentoring services:

ACT - Innovation, Trade and Investment - Start your business

NSW - Small Business Commissioner - SmallBizConnect

NT - Department of Business - Start, Run and Grow a Business

QLD - Department of Education, Training and Employment - Small Business Solutions

SA - Department of State Development - Small Business Advice

TAS - Business Tasmania - Starting a business

VIC - Business Victoria - Setting up a business

WA - Small Business Development Corporation