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10.7.10 Medical Grade Footwear

Last amended 
13 April 2023

Medical Grade Footwear (MGF) is defined as footwear clinically prescribed for the purpose of correcting, alleviating or replacing deficiencies or deformities in gait, feet or lower limbs. All requests for medical grade or specialist footwear must be considered through RAP, and cannot be provided through the rehabilitation provisions.

It is important to note that the following are not regarded as MGF and requests for supply of these types of footwear cannot be considered:

  • stock or off-the-shelf working shoes;
  • slip on shoes, boots or court shoes;
  • runner or joggers; or
  • reef style or orthopaedic moulded sandals.

There are limits on the types and numbers of pairs of MGF that can be provided through RAP. Modifications to footwear that has not been funded by DVA may also be considered in particular circumstances.

In order to access MGF through RAP, a client will need to use either of the pathways described in section 10.2.2 in this library and be referred to an appropriately qualified specialist or podiatrist for an assessment.

MGF must be clinically justified, based on an assessment by a podiatrist or suitably qualified specialist, in accordance with assessment guidelines. Prescriber guidelines, a list of MGF suppliers and register of DVA-approved ready-made depth/width medical grade footwear are available on the RAP provider page on the DVA website.

Podiatry advisers are available to provide support to prescribing podiatrists. They can be contacted through DVA Health Provider Line on 1300 550 457 and select option 1 for RAP, then option 2 (aids and appliances and medical grade footwear).