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10.7.3 Requests for chairs

Last amended 
10 May 2019

Recliner chairs

If the client holds a DVA Health Card, then recliner chairs should only be provided through RAP. Recliner chairs are listed on the RAP Schedule and there are strict requirements surrounding the supply of these items. The RAP National Guidelines apply to these items.

The following additional criteria should be met before prescribing an electric recliner chair:

  • due to a clinical condition, the entitled person is unable to safely and independently transfer to and from an appropriate height chair; and
  • due to a clinical condition, the entitled person is unable to sit erect in an appropriate chair.

Before prescribing, the entitled person should have undergone a physiotherapy assessment to determine if function can be improved, and, if so, a trial of treatment should be undertaken. Copies of the assessment and trial results should be kept with the clinical notes and made available, if requested.

Electric recliner chairs cannot be approved in the following circumstances:

  • when the client’s clinical needs can be met by the current furniture or by modifying current furniture;
  • for comfort only;
  • primarily for use as a bed; or
  • primarily for the management of lower limb oedema.

Other chairs

A range of chairs are listed on the RAP Schedule. These include height adjustment stools, commonly used for meal preparation, washing dishes etc, high or low backed “geriatric” chairs, ergonomic chairs, shower stools and chairs and pressure care/water chairs. The RAP Schedule also includes platforms for placing under chairs to enable them to be at a suitable height and chair raisers to make transfer in and out of the chair easier and safer.