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6.13.4 After receipt by the Location but priorand after claim details have been recorded to recording the claim details on DEFCARE

Last amended 
6 December 2018

If a request to have a claim for rehabilitation and compensation withdrawn is made by a member, and the claim form has been received within the office, a file has been raised and the claim has been registered on aDVAnce/PRS, but the claim has not been recorded on Defcare the following action is to be taken:

a)The request to have the claim form withdrawn can be received in writing  or verbally from the member/ex members or their legal representatives.

b)Defcare is to be updated as follows:

  • the Condition Determined field is to have 'Withdrawn' input
  • the Determined date field is to have the date the letter is signed input, and
  • the file is to be put away – with the claimants written withdrawal request and the acknowledgement of withdrawal letter.

c)A letter is to be sent to the member/ex member advising that their claim for rehabilitation and compensation has been withdrawn as requested. A Standard letter is provided in the Defcare letters for this purpose.