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Ch 31 SRCA (and antecedents) Ready Reference Guide


Type of Service Covered:

  • Between 3 January 1949 and 7 April 1994 – all service except operational (warlike) service
  • From 7 April 1994 to 30 June 2004 – all service including operational (warlike) service

Date of Injury


Date of diagnosis (disease)


Date of aggravation, acceleration etc.

Act that Applies

Test that Applies – note the test is always 'on the balance of probabilities' – that is more probable than not

Issues to Consider

Specific Occupational Diseases?

On/after 13 April 2007 (note only applies to diseases diagnosed on/after this date as a result of SRCA not MRCA service)

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRCA) as amended by Safety, Rehabilitation, Compensation and Other Legislative Amendments Act 2007 (SRCOLA)

Diseases only – significant contribution

This is a slightly harder test than 'material contribution' – see s5B of the SRCA.

S7(1) continues to apply as usual

1 December 1988 to 30 June 2004 (and to 12 April 2007 for diseases as a result of SRCA service not MRCA service)

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (SRCA)

Injuries – arising out of or in the course of employment

Diseases – material contribution

Disease test – material contribution by employment – this test applies for any disease covered under SRCA service where the date of diagnosis/onset is prior to the 13 April 2007 SRCOLA amendment

Yes – s7(1) applies, for example asbestos and radiation related conditions. This is a reverse standard of proof.

1 September 1971 – 30 November 1988

Compensation (Commonwealth Government Employees) Act 1971 (1971 Act)

For injuries – arising out of or in the course of work

For diseases – contribution by employment

- contribution by employment test is easier test to meet

Yes – virtually same as SRCA s7(1) (s 31) declared occupational diseases – reverse standard of proof

3 January 1949 until 31 August 1971

Commonwealth Employees Compensation Act 1930 (1930 Act)

For injuries – arising out of or in the course of work

For diseases – the nature of employment

– the claimed condition must be as a result of the nature of employment, a hard test to meet

– notice requirements – within 6 months of injury must notify employer but only applies if the Commonwealth is prejudiced from being able to determine the claim – must investigate first.

No – must meet the nature of employment test.

Pre 3 January 1949


May be possible to provide an Act of Grace Payment

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