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7.8.2 Wholly Dependent Partner benefits

Last amended 
21 October 2022

Last amended: 1 July 2013

A wholly dependent partner may be entitled to:

  • the wholly dependent partner's pension, either as a periodic payment, a lump sum or a combination of both (sections 234 and 236, see also 7.8.3)
  • additional compensation following death (see 7.8.4)
  • a gold card (see 7.8.6)
  • MRCA supplement (see 7.8.5 and 7.8.6)
  • bereavement payments (section 242 see also 7.10)
  • financial and legal advice (section 239 see also 7.8.3)
  • Income Support Supplement under the VEA (see [glossary:7.8.8:])
  • clean energy supplement (section 238A) (see Comp & Support Policy Library section 7.4.2)

A wholly dependent partner with a dependant child who is receiving, or has received compensation for their partner's death is also qualified for Pensioner Education Supplement from Centrelink – see 7.18 Centrelink Pensioner Education Supplement once uploaded into CLIK.




Veterans' Entitlements Act 1986.