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7.11 Compensation for Dependants other than Wholly Dependent Partners and Eligible Young Persons

Last amended 
21 October 2022

Compensation may be payable to 'other dependants' who were either wholly or partly dependent on the deceased or former member for economic support immediately before the member's death.  'Other dependants' are those in a relationship with the deceased listed in subsection 15(2) (see 7.5.1), other than partners and eligible young persons who were wholly or partly dependent.


Compensation will be provided to these persons if:

  • liability for the deceased member's death has been accepted; or
  • the deceased member met the criteria for a SRDP safety net payment at some time in his or her life; or
  • the deceased member's permanent impairment is assessed as being 80 impairment points or more immediately before his or her death.