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7.2 Need For Accuracy in Death Claims

Last amended: 9 April 2013

Nothing in 7.1 about the urgency of claims for recent deaths should be taken to imply that speed is preferred to accuracy in cases where there is a conflict between the two.  In fact, the correctness of the final determination is imperative for death claims and should be regarded as paramount to all other considerations.  Therefore thorough investigation is required to identify the following details concerning the member's dependant(s):

  • Relationship to deceased i.e. wholly dependant partner (WDP), eligible young person (EYP), Legal Personal Representative (LPR) etc, and
  • Level of dependency (if not living with the member at the time of death),
  • All potential parties to the claim.

Unlike SRCA more than one death determination may be made in regard to death claims however the dollar amount of the following types of death claims must be divided between eligible claimants:

  • Continuing Permanent Impairment/incapacity payments (section 244 and section 257), and
  • Compensation for other dependants (section 263).