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7.1 Death = High Priority Claim

Last amended: 9 April 2013

Compensation cases potentially involving payment of compensation following death represent the highest priority claim within MRCA processes.  They are to be given delegates' attention in preference to all other types of claim or requests for benefit.  The reason for this lies in the need to provide financial support to persons who have had income (and perhaps access to an ADF residence etc.) suddenly removed by the death.

In cases of very high profile cases (eg high level media interest), a high profile case management protocol will be invoked.  This will involve the designation of a single dedicated point of contact within DVA and regular reporting of claim status.  The single point of contact will vary according to the locality/type of accident causing death, but the designated officer will be responsible for all contact with the relevant officers from Defence who are dealing with the next of kin and any subsequent contact with next of kin or legal representatives.  The designated officer will also be responsible for providing regular reports for senior management on the involvement with Defence and the family and any claims submitted.

Deaths for which compensation is only claimed years after that death are of course not in the same urgent category, unless the dependant can demonstrate that he/she is currently in dire need.  Nevertheless, all such claims should be investigated as quickly as possible.